Thursday, March 8, 2012

crack and flood

The man is speaking again.
My coffee is cold.

Nothing is different.
Then suddenly, everything is different.

My heart suddenly breaks.
I am flooded with love. And grief.
I cry.
Cry torrents. Body heaving sobs.

I cannot deny Jesus anymore.

His finger pressed my heart like a button, and it exploded.

I am so afraid.
I cry harder.
He won't like this.
He hates God.
He will hurt me if he finds out.

I go home, curl up in a small ball in my room.
It is quiet, I am alone.

Ok, God. I am going to SHUT UP.  You have my attention for five minutes. If you have something to say, say it now.

and he did.
my heart echo'd with his voice
five sentences.
four were for me
the last I will share

You let me worry about him.

My new life starts, I am reborn.
I feel essentially changed.
DNA rewoven.
I am a different person now.
And he will see that.

The war begins.

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