Thursday, March 8, 2012


2nd pregnancy.
With a toddler.
Dark room all day.
Toddler grazes on snacks.

9 months of mostly isolation. Some days I can get up and out.
He comes home and criticizes me for not doing the housework.
I just want it over.

I watch my belly grow- it is pretty this time. Beautiful, big, abundant belly.
I like to rub it, feel the kicks.

Friends come to visit this time. It is nice, lots of help from the community.
Still feels like two lives.

There is a nurse that visits, takes my vitals, adjusts the medicine.

I spend every morning on a Bible study, but the book still feels foreign to me. Contrived. Very removed from the friend I have grown to know and love in my heart. HE gives me patience. Keep Reading, HE says.

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