Wednesday, March 7, 2012


"Life is a walk. Each day we take steps. Our tomorrow is determined by the steps we take today. 

His desire is for us to reach up and take his hand and never let go. He wants us to become more and more dependent upon Him for every step we take. That's because He wants to take us to places where we've never been. To heights we can’t imagine. In order to do that we must go through low valleys, treacherous mountains, rough terrain, and narrow paths of life-places where we could easily get lost or off the track. And there is definitely no way we can just head off on our own and expect to arrive safely in the place He has planned for us."

- Stormie Omartian, Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On

I am writing this today in the calm before the storm. I am writing this to keep my eyes on God, to keep my faith where it needs to be. This blog will be my love letter to my Body of Christ, it will be the testament to my faith. It will tell some stories that I hope you laugh with me on, cry with me on, and hold my hand through. I beg you to interact. I will draw strength from your comments.

The date presses down on me. 6 days.

In six days, I have to do something that will likely take all the last of my strength, and every single drop of faith.

This is the story between here and there, from where it started to where it ends. Please, walk with me. I don't want to be alone right now.


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  2. I'm walking with you, love. My mother is walking with you. My BFF is walking with you. My whole church is walking with you. We say your name as a child of God, asking for your deliverance. We are your warriors.