Sunday, March 11, 2012

go to church

one week into our new life, Saturday, driving.

A conversation with God.

Go to church.
     I can't go to church. It's Saturday. I'm not Catholic.
Go to church.
     I can't go to church. It's Saturday!
Go to church!!

Just He said this, I passed a giant church with a sign out front advertising a Saturday service. I pulled in.

Go sit in the front.
     No way. I never sit in the front! Nooooo.... back for me, thank you very much.
Go sit in the front!

I sit in the front, behind this beautiful blonde lady.
She turns around and introduces herself.
Invites me to Sunday School, a women's only Bible study group. They were doing a study on Insecurity by Beth Moore.

     I just started a new life! I am NOT worried about my looks right now!
     I don't really understand right now, but fine.

The next morning...

I enter the Bible study, and feel very out of place. The new kid in a room of people who were obviously very close.

I talk. I briefly cover my story. I tell them I need a church family right away. They pray with me.

After the study, I go to the church bookstore to flip through the book for the study, knowing I cannot afford it. I have nothing.

I was surrounded by strangers.
They bought me the books for the study.
They bought me a beautiful new Bible.

I dive into the Word and the Word brings me comfort.
The emotional waves subside.
I start healing.

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