Saturday, March 10, 2012

the first day

The first day was a blur.

I can't think, function.

I call for help on Facebook.
I need to pack the house, and I need to pack it now. I need help.

My message went to my church, to another church, to another.
Within 20 minutes, my house was flooded with strangers. Packing, storing, cleaning.
They worked for 12 hours.
No payment taken, they just share a pizza and it is done.

I am on Facebook, everyone is helping me.
Finding the right paperwork, helping me fill it out.
Friends from other countries, other cities.
I feel surrounded, safe and loved.

The paperwork is done
I collapse, exhausted.
Haven't slept since the morning before the end.

My body quits on me
and sleep comes

I am so blessed to have help with the kids.
so blessed to have help with the house
just blessed.

the next morning, I file for divorce. I file for custody. I file for everything.
then we leave the city.

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