Saturday, March 10, 2012


I spent the night writing, in depth, every detail of the abuse on the petition for the restraining order.

Every. detail.

I am getting my babies back.

The night is long. Too long, too dark.

He has stepped out of reality. Calls my mother and tells her that we are back together, attending a prayer group. Calls her again, tells her I am in an orgy at that very minute. Calls her and tells her that I had sex on the couch in the living room, in front of the kids, while he laid in the bedroom.

My mom gets scared.
She is with me.
He is absolutely crazy.
He sobs one second, screams the next, and can be completely calm in the third.
Sometimes all three within the same 20 second conversation.

It isn't safe for my babies to be with him.
He has lost it,
but I can't get them till morning.

I pray for their safety and give them to God.
Only HE can bring them through this night.

They are locked in the house with a madman.
And I sleep gripping the papers that will free them.

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