Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The First Apartment

Our first apartment! I am so excited. It is all set up, just right. I stare at the dining room table and imagine posh dinner parties a-la Sex in the City.

There was a brick and tile fireplace.

Fast forward.

We are fighting. Again. I am thrown on the ground, head repeatedly beat against the fireplace until it is throbbing. I am thrown on the bed and shaken violently for what seemed like hours. Screaming inches from my face. I go limp, hoping that makes it stop. He lets go. I run and hide under the computer desk, blocking him with the chair. He kicks the chair and calls me pathetic. He goes to bed. I don't.

The next morning, he sobs his regrets.
I hand him the phone.
Call your mother and tell her what you did.

He does.
I thought the shame would be enough to prevent it from happening again.
It wasn't.

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